Make Xmas your happy Gothmas this year

Being a Goth at Christmas is tough. But make Xmas your happy gothmas this year, Tis the season to be melancholy… 

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You’ve just navigated past that horrible post-Halloween point. Where everyone else is blathering on about mulled wine and bonfire night. When all you really want to do is fling open your (sizeable) dressing box, slap on dark Christmas make up and festoon yourself in all manner of ghostly garb. Halloween is your Christmas, and whilst you get all the excitement about the festive season, you’re feeling a little bit, well, melancholy about the whole darn thing. Don’t. There’s plenty of festive fun for you, my dear little ghoul. At Christmas or Xmas (because the X looks like a cross, and you like those, don’t you?) You’ve just got to know how to find it.

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Have a happy gothmas this year

You can take part in the festive jumper trend too – sort of…

Screw the bells, ignore the tinsel there are Christmas jumpers just for you now, Gothling. Buy them, wear them and revel in the darkness and terror that your jumper brings to those around you. But be different, just use an ordinary Christmas jumper. Ideally with Rudolph on, and take a permanent marker and some scissors to sever his cute little head. Add leftover fake blood from Halloween for effect and you’re finished just like our furry friend. I bet his nose isn’t looking quite so shiny and bright now it’s turned putrid green and rotted off. (Too far?)

Rudolph the dead nose reindeer, have a happy gothmas
Rudolph the dead nose reindeer

You can enjoy the best film ever made, over and over again.

Happy Jack Skellington nightmare before christmas
Happy Jack skellington

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The Nightmare Before Christmas is the quintessential Goth film. For most of us, TNBC (shortened because we refer to it so often). Was the catalyst that lead us down that path of darkness. We sat as children watching creepy Jack Skellington leap from Halloween town to Christmas town. As our little souls turned black with misanthropic glee. The other kids hid their eyes in horror from what was supposed to be a children’s film. Skellington himself is the perfect metaphor for any Goth wishing to actively partake in Christmas. You can jump between the two, in all manner of spooky joy. But you’ll always come back to the dark side. Always. You’re bound to it eternally. And if you’re not, the rest of us will track you down and haunt you.

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Have a Happy gothmas this year, dear gothlings.

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How not to go shopping in Manchester

On the 13th December, Friday the 13th to be exact. Me and the better half traveled down, or across to Manchester from Newcastle, by train. To see the Manchester Christmas markets and a shopping trip weekend. That journey on paper takes 2 and a half hours. But in reality it’s more like 5. I’m use to these long journeys, however my fiance isn’t. Turns out she’s not a fan. Which I should of prepared for, I take full responsibility for the headache she gave me on the journey. I made sure we was better prepared for the trip back, with colouring books, pens, food and a travel pillow. No I’m not engaged to a 12yr old my fiance is 31.

Colouring in a frozen 2 poster
Colouring in a frozen 2 poster, happy fiance

Arriving in manchester

With the train we had booked, we should of made it into Manchester with about an hour to spare before the Christmas markets closed. However 2 hours into the journey, the train got delayed by 30 minutes. So that messed up that plan, we did however make time to get into primark. 15 minutes before they closed at 9pm. Which pleased my 12yr old. 31 Yr old fiance, who somehow managed to purchase quite abit of stuff, and that was just items picked up from the que.

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We then headed on over to the hotel, motel one royal exchange. Which was in a perfect location for what we had planned. The markets at Albert Hall are just to the left of it and the Arndale centre to the right. The room in the hotel was just what we needed. It had a bed and a bathroom, nothing fancy but still really nice.

Motel one standard double room
Motel one standard double room

With us both starving from not eating much all day, we went for a walk to see what we could find. At 10pm there wasn’t many options, so we decided to go to burger King. Which happens to be right next to primark. Neither of us drink alcahol, so being the only sober customers in BK, it was easy to get served. After eating our meals we went back to motel one and called it a night.

Shopping in Manchester

Central perk manchester

The big shopping day had arrived, we both woke up at 7am and got ready to be in primark for 8am when it opened. I would highly advise getting there for that time as no-one is around, it’s great. Central perk, the friends cafe was open so we had a couple of coffees before starting the primark haul my fiance had planned. Not much was bought really, they had plenty of plaid shirts, we bought one. Kinda cool as it’s a zip up multi coloured plaid shirt. I think it was £8, not a bad price. The total price for the 2 hour haul only came to £150 surprisingly, after the cheap shopping haul we decided to eat.

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We ended up in the arndale centre nandos which again was empty, I thought it was closed. We were just extremely early, it must of opened at 11am. If you’re interested I had half a medium spice chicken, spicy rice and corn on the cob. My fiance had half a plain chicken, nandos salty chips and coleslaw. Both were awesome as allways, can’t beat abit nandos.

After that that we headed over to build a bear and got a sloth Teddy made, with a matching miniature sloth. My fiance has a weird sloth fetish, and seen on youtube that they now do sloths, thanks to loey lane.

Killing time

My dad, who we were meeting that day. Had us booked in a restaurant for 4pm so the next few hours were spent walking around the arndale centre at looking at different ships. I recommend visiting simply iconic, that place is a fan boy/girls dream. Especially if you like signed merchandise, in the entrance they have del boys three wheeler. Although I’m not sure if it was the real one, it still looked cool.

Simply iconic manchester arndale centre
Simply iconic manchester arndale centre

I thought I’d show my lady the arndale indoor market, really cheap stuff. You could end up spending a fortune on studded gothic style ankle boots,there was so many to choose from and all of them were pretty inexpensive. But we didn’t buy any instead my fiance got her bridge repierced which looks great. So the tattooist in the arndale centre market is good for piercings, £20 with bar included.

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Time to meet Dad

Time really did fly by walking around all day, which isn’t advisable in Dr marten boots, So sore. But we met my Dad and his missus and went for a curry at zook, which was really nice food, I had buttered chicken. 10/10 not spicy and very tasty.

Manchester piccadilly Gardens at chritmas
Manchester piccadilly Gardens at christmas

Christmas Market time, I’ll never know why I allways head to Albert Hall for the markets. Its so extremely busy, you literally can’t move, it’s not enjoyable. So after finally getting out the huge crowd we went to the smaller markets which was alot better, there still wasn’t alot of stuff bought, if anything. Walking around already and getting up early we was both tired so we went back and went to sleep.

Going back home

Forgetting it was Sunday and the shops don’t start opening till 11 we got woke up early. Trying to make the most of the final few hours we had. We still didn’t get much done, we had a coffee in Costa, walked around Manchester back streets for abit, then ended up back in primark for 11. I bought a beanie and we got our 13yr old daughter a load of friends clothing, she’s obsessed and her birthdays in January.

Then it was time to go home, not much of a Manchester shopping trip really. It was a nice day away with the Mrs. But to go shopping in Manchester you need more than one day. If we ever decide to try again, which I don’t think will be via train, we’ll be staying longer and buying more.

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Why Krampus is coming to get you this year

why watch out when Santa Claus comes to town? Because Krampus is coming to get you.

Terryfying traditional Christmas legends.

Historically Krampus comes around December 5th, tagging along with Saint Nick. He’s the evil version of Santa Claus. The demonic entity that the Catholic Church tried to banish celebration of in the 12th century. Because of his resemblance to the Devil but failed. Krampus has since emerged as a favourite Demon of the festive holidays. 

Tenacious Demon 13.3cm horned red skull ornament.

Krampus is coming to get you

Zozo the Ouija board Demon.

While santa claus is here to hand out gifts to the nice children, and lumps of coal to the naughty. Krampus is here to make you dissappear. He takes the naughty children and sometimes parents. So he can either torture them, eat them or maybe even both.

The power of Demons – demonic power according to the Bible.

The evil counterpart to santa claus

What is The BoogeyMan

When Krampus is coming to get you, he is aided by various demonic creatures. These demonic creatures include his unholy masked elves that are referred to as his “helpers”.

The symbolism of Baphomet.

Perhaps you’ll be the next, perhaps Krampus is coming to get YOU. After all, the horrible haunt could very well be watching you.

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8 legends that will scare you this christmas

The festive season isn’t all about, jesus, old Saint nick and spending time with family. The latter being the most annoying for most people, unless your getting free food. For over 100 years, before Christmas became commercialised, a good scary story was the form of entertainment. Which in turn created terryfying traditional Christmas legends.

8 terryfying traditional Christmas legends

What is the boogeyman



Hailing from Germany. Belsnickel is a creepy looking figure. Covered in patch-worked rags to keep his identity secret, he also wears furs and threatens children by carrying a switch. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, Belsnickel stops by the doors of households with children and threatens the misbehaving kids that if they don’t straighten up, they’ll not only not get presents, but a good beating from Belsnickel himself.



Krampus (whose name comes from the Germanic root for “claw”). Dates back long before the time of Christ. But in modern day is more or less the ultimate Christmas demon. The companion and antithesis of Santa Claus (“Old Nick” to “Saint Nick,” as puts it).

Update terryfying traditional Christmas legends

While American kids never feared a lack of shiny new presents no matter their behavioral tendencies. Children of the Old World, especially Germany, knew something worse than a lump of coal was coming their way if they misbehaved. Rather, if you weren’t well behaved, you were beaten and tortured before being kidnapped and taken to the Krampus’ lair. Where we can only assume one was beaten and tortured some more.

In modern days, there appears to be two sides on how to handle the Krampus story. Since the 1950s, Austrians have tried to put the creature on the back burner, claiming terrorizing small children with such tales isn’t healthy. While in the Germanic city of Schlanders (Silandro, Italy), young men are even encouraged to dress up as the Krampus and terrorize small children. Before having some Schnapps with the heads of the house. Elsewhere still, the Krampus is given his own holiday prior to the Feast of St. Nicholas known as Krampusnacht, and he even appears on his own holiday greeting card, known as Krampuskarten.

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Icelandic yule lads

yule-lads1-1024x715 terrifying traditional Christmas legends

The sons of Gryla and her troll husband, Leppalúði. The Yule Lads come in and run around the town in a backward “12 days of Christmas.” The Yule Lads show up one at a time on the 13 days building up to Christmas Day. Each staying two weeks, so that the first Lad who arrived on December 12 is the first to depart on Christmas Day. The remaining brothers then leave one a day in the same order they arrived until festivities end on January 6.


While in modern versions of the story, they are mostly just mischievous creatures pulling harmless pranks. Such as slamming doors and eating the towns yogurt supply (no joke). The original story of the lads was far more sinister (as you may have guessed given their presence on this list).

As in the modern story, they come down from dwellings in the mountains in the days leading up to Christmas day. However, rather than pulling the regular prank or trick, they — along with the Yuletide Cat — keep an eye on all the children. And kidnap those who did not receive any new clothes during the season so they can be eaten.

Scary true stories

Knecht Ruprecht

Terrifying traditional Christmas legends

As you know. Making sure all the children of the world get what’s coming to them at the end of the year is quite an enterprise. Which is no doubt why Santa has everyone from elves making toys for the good kids to demons kidnapping the mean-spirited ones helping him out. But what about those kids who were neither particularly good nor particularly bad? For them, the Germans give us Knech Ruprecht. Also known as Farmhand Rupert. He more or less looks like a shepherd taken out of your neighborhood nativity who sports a long beard, brown cloak and a staff.

Basically his schtick is that he goes around asking kids if they can pray. If they can, they get some awesome gingerbread. If they can’t, he gives them some useless junk, and if they refuse, he beats them with a bag of ashes. So children better remember the “reason for the season” is the baby Jesus. Not just the changes in the seasons, or else they’ll either receive some unfortunate presents or get beaten with some ashes.

Scary stories for Halloween ?

The pretchen


The Perchten. A dual-gendered spirit who comes out during the 12 days of Christmas (that is, December 25-January 5). On one hand we have the female Schonperchten (“Beautiful Perchten”) and on the other we have the male and aptly named Schiachperchten (“Ugly Perchten”). The former is a giver of luck and gifts. While the other is an ugly beast who looks much like the Krampus and similarly related to the Devil, whom is the most ugly of the Schiachperchten. As can be expected, Schoneperchten gives treats to the good people of the world. While the Schiachperchten punishes the bad.


What I believe is most terrifying about this character of Christmas mythology is that if it passes you. You can never be too sure which side you’ll be met with. On one hand you gave to the poor, on the other hand, you could have given more.

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Yes, werewolves. Although we typically try to limit the lycanthropes to Halloween, B-movies, and steamy fiction. Werewolves have been a part of the Yuletide horror fest since the Middle Ages.

In modernity, it has since been reduced, reused, and recycled to the claim that simply having the audacity to be born on Christmas Day. Is cause enough to make a person a werewolf, as well. The 1961 film The Curse of the Werewolf explains that being born on December 25 is mocking Jesus Christ. And so you must be punished. Yeah, that Jesus: bringing the Christmas cheer by punishing not just a baby for being born, but he’s also damning any who fall into his or her wake every year.

The Face in the tree Scary Halloween story



One of the few non-Germanic characters on this list is the Grýla, who comes from Icelandic mythology and is a terrifying lady ogre whose preferred diet was naughty children — because nothing says “Merry Christmas!” quite like being fed to a horrifying crone.

In 1746, a decree was issued prohibiting the use of Grýla and the Yule Lads, as they served no function other than to scare small children. This has lead to the crafting of a few songs, which claim that she has passed; however, a few of the songs suggest that she could always return to the living, should the number of naughty children increase.

Le Père Fouettard


Pere Fouettard is seen to this day during Christmas in Belgium and France. His name means “Whipping Father,” so you can already guess how he brings holiday cheer.


But that’s not the scary part of this story, that’s the happy part.

As the story goes, Le Pere Fouettard began his life as an innkeeper, kidnapper, and murderer, in that order. One day while keeping his inn, three rich boys on their way to a religious boarding school stay at his inn. Recognizing their wealth, Le Pere, along with his wife, decides to capture and murder the children (by slitting their throats) to take their money. Because that somehow seemed like a better idea than ransoming them to their wealthier parents. While trying to make corpse stew, Saint Nick shows up and resurrects the boys. Seeing his power, the innkeeper repents and becomes St. Nick’s partner by becoming the official whipping boy of bad boys and girls.

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