Mad queen by Nene Thomas 25.5cm

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  • The dark mad queen
  • Sitting on her collection of skulls
  • Wearing black and showing her tats.

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Mad queen by Nene Thomas

From the dark imagination of internationally renowned Fantasy artist Nene Thomas, this darkly Gothic figurine is available from Nemesis Now’s Premium high-quality alternative collection. Sitting on a throne of human skulls, this imposing queen stares at you, long white hair blowing in the breeze. Her black dress is draped across the skulls, the outline of a black Dragon visible on her thigh. An ice-white Dragon perches on her shoulder, wings spread triumphantly. A black tiara betrays her regal status, shaped like the wings of a fearsome black Dragon. Cast in top-quality resin before being painstakingly hand-painted, this fantastic figurine adds an air of alternative enchantment to any home.


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