Alternative and Gothic artists

Anne Stokes Anne Stokes logo circular logo for Anne Stokes gothic artist in red and grey

Anne Stokes is a highly acclaimed fantasy artist whose art covers a broad range of themes from magic and enchantment to gothic and steampunk.

Anne has a fascinating career history and has designed tour merchandise for some of the biggest bands in the world including Queen and the Rolling Stones. Working as a sculptor, Anne has created jewellery for Terry Pratchett’s Discworld whilst her work as a freelance illustrator has led her to develop art for books, records and even concept art for Dungeons and Dragons.

Today Anne’s sought after designs are available on a wide variety of products including those we exclusively develop here at Something Different. Thanks to her impressive talent Anne has a huge worldwide following of fans, many of whom see her products as collectors’ items.

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Nene Thomas Nene Thomas logo the Gothic and fantasy artist from the USA

Based in Oklahoma, Nene Thomas’s career began to take off in 1994 when she was asked to contribute to a popular collectible card game called ‘Magic: The Gathering’. Nene continued working on projects such as this as a contract artist for many years before deciding to become a print artist, giving her the freedom to hone her skills and develop the kind of art she was most interested in. 

During the first decade of her career, Nene painted almost exclusively in watercolours with a touch of acrylic here or there, however in 2004 she developed a passion for digital art.

Currently Nene’s work is licensed for many different products, including our exclusive canvas wall plaques. In addition to her licensed work, Nene is also collaborating with her husband on a fantasy novel series which will feature her breathtaking art and illustrations.

Nene’s beautiful art is purchased by her fans and other fantasy enthusiasts all around the world. Known in particular for her depictions of faeries, Nene’s work is striking, ethereal and instantly recognisable. 

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Lisa Parker Lisa Parker logo the Gothic and fantasy artist

Lisa Parker has been drawing ever since she could first hold a pencil. Drawing and nature have always been her main passions in life.

Originally beginning to work with pastels, Lisa eventually moved into using the medium of watercolours before meeting the late Mick Cawston who suggested her style would be better suited to using oils.

Whilst Lisa has continued to surround herself with animals, her interest was piqued by magic and witchcraft and the true meaning behind it. Through her paintings, Lisa aims to bring a little magic and mystery to all of our lives and her spellbinding designs have developed a large and loyal legion of fans making many of her products collectibles.

Much of Lisa’s work is still inspired by animals and you’ll find cats, unicorns, owls and wolves featured in many of her paintings.

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James Ryman James Ryman logo the fantasy and gothic artist

UK based artist James Ryman creates amazing Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction themed artwork and illustrations. James Ryman has been a professional artist for over 20 years and his work has been featured and used in video games, as movie concept art and of course in fantasy themed magazines, comics and books. Clients and projects James Ryman has worked for and on include Blizzard Entertainment, Warcraft TCG, Warhammer Online, and Sony Online Entertainment. We love the mixture of ultra realistic and beautifully drawn figures combined with stunning fantasy, sci-fi and horror elements. 

Nemesis Now Nemesis Now logo gothic giftware and artist manufacturer and wholesale

Nemesis Now have been supplying licensed collectables, Gothic and Fantasy giftware, and Heritage gifts to retailers throughout the United Kingdom and Europe for over 15 years.

Their colossal collection of alternative giftware features gothic, fantasy, historic and bizarre products from the world’s finest fantasy artists and is home to the most in-demand licensed television, film and music merchandise.

Based in Stoke-on-Trent, England, their head office is the centre of everything that they do. Their team of over 40 employees work tirelessly to bring the best new products to the market as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Top 10 most Goth Looking Animals in The World

Being Goth is a very dark culture atleast in the clothing aspect. Being Goth is associated with wearing black, in all varieties. Black hair, black makeup, black clothes, black home. Although there are alot of Goth sub cultures, that bring a little colour into the scene, the stereo typical Goth is known for, well, basically all black everything. So if you see an animal – that isn’t normally black – but is black, it’s right to assume it may be Goth. Just like these top 10 goth animals in the world.

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Top 10 Most Goth looking Animals In The World.

Ayam Cemani Chicken

The blackest chicken in the world, the most Goth Looking animals
Black Goth chicken

Now this chicken deffinetly wins the award for taking ‘all black everything’ too far. Not only are its feathers, beak, toes, tongue and comb black but its bones are also black. Impressive you might rightly think, but it gets better. Even the meat from the ayam cerami chicken is black, making this the most Gothic animal in the world.

Black Goat.

Black Goat the most Goth Looking Goat in the world
Black Goth Goat

This black Goat looks like its just walked out of a slipknot concert, or been chilling with Baphomet. This Goat would of been number one on the Gothic animal list, if only it wasn’t for the amazing work done by the black af chicken.

Grammostola pulchra

Grammastola pulchra, the blackest spider in the the whole world
Black Goth Tarantula

This fury little fucker will give most people nightmares, but being Gothic isn’t normal. So every black hearted Goth would agree that this black tarantula is absolutely stunning.

Super Black pastel ball python

Super black pastel ball python snake
Black Goth Snake

Firstly, I have no idea if this picture of a black snake matches the name but they’re both black snakes, so it’ll have to do. A black snake would definitely be on the wanted list for most of the Goth community. plus whether you like snakes or not, this black gothic looking snake looks awesome. On top of that, do you know if you dream of a black snake you’re in for some good luck?

Violet carpenter Bee

The violet carpenter bee, the black bee looks very similar to the The goth moth
Black Goth Bee

The violet carpenter bee, looks extremely similar to the Gothic moth. What makes this Gothic looking animal more unique, is the fact that it was officially announced extinct in 2002, But then rediscovered in 2018. So not only is it Gothic in colour but also anti-social af too. Pretty hardcore if you ask me.

Black squirrel

Black squirrel a gothic looking aninal
Black Goth Squirrel

This Gothic looking animal is a rare species of grey squirrel, about one in 10,000 greys have a darker pigmentation causing them to be black. These squirrels deffinetly are the weirdos mister.

Black penguin

Completely Black penguin, the most Goth Looking animal in the world
Black Goth Penguin

This penguin, this very specific Goth penguin. Has national geographic puzzled, they think its had an extremely rare mutation. Dr. Allan Baker said the following:

“Well that is astonishing, I’ve never ever seen that before. It’s a one in a zillion kind of mutation somewhere. The animal has lost control of its pigmentation patterns. Presumably it’s some kind of mutation.”

Dr. Allan Baker

The Goth Penguin says:

“I was born into the Gothness, all other penguins merely adopted the Gothness.”

Black lizards

Black Goth Looking lizards
Black Goth Lizards

These lizards are black gridled lizards, not only are they keeping up their Gothic look extremely well, but they also live a solitary life in the wild, only coming out for sexy time.

Black Wasps

Black Gothic animals, the black wasp
Black Gothic Wasp

Why wear black and yellow when you can wear all black? That’s what this wasps doing.

Black Foxes

Black foxes, black goth looking fox
Black Goth Fox

The Black foxes are known as rare mythological creatures, they also look awesome af. So, mythological plus awesome is deffinetly worthy of being part of this most goth looking animals in the world list.

Final thoughts.

I’m very aware that there’s animals missing from this list, such as crows, bats etc. But do they really need to be on this list? I think not, it’d be a pretty boring list if it just had the obvious on it.

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How to be a badass blood sucking vampire Goth

Updated 31/03/2020 First of all, one does not simply become, a badass blood sucking vampire Goth. Being Goth is one thing, but being the very stereotype of what a Goth is, is another. They have great responsibility, and hold the torch for the Goth image.

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Now that the important bits have been addressed let’s get into it. The vampire Goth is heavily typical of your usual vampire from the movies, the darkest creature of the night. They will go to extremes. Like getting their teeth sharpened, ouch, just the thought of it makes me cringe.

Baby chewbacca cringe

The Vampire Goth is likely to have come from the typical Goth, leaning towards finding beauty in death. Most vampire stories are about seduction in some way. The seduction of death. A Vampire typically charms their way into the life of a normal human. And then shows them a gift. All life is precious, and death is what makes it precious. Personified in folklore. 3 things you’ll need to follow to be a blood sucking vampire Goth.

1. Vampire Goth Fashion

Pick a vampire horror movie, book or TV Show. Chances are, a Vampire Goth will find fashion inspiration in it.

1994 interview with a vampire. Tom cruise and Brad pitt

1994, interview with a vampire

The classic shirt with ruffles on it is a key component of many Vampire Goth’s wardrobe. Here a little dripping of colour can be used. Deep Purples. Blood Red. Black is also acceptable.

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Black is used virtually everywhere else with a vampire goth. Black Trousers, Skirts, Black coats and Black hats. If it’s wearable, it’ll be black.The exception being the accessories. Vampire Goths are fans of putting flowers in their hair. Okay, so black roses are sometimes used. You will also see red roses though. Or purple. Yeah, Vampire Goths have a tri-colour scheme, black being the main base.Other accessories that a Vampire Goth may use include necklaces and chains. Some will even have a choker. Maybe, like with The Fetish Goth, as a BSDM symbol. However, there is also the sexuality of the neck involved.

Jabot and Cravats are also very common accessories. Or scarfs. Many Vampire Goths will also enhance what’s around their neck with a simple accessory. A broach. Vampire Goths will have a large collection of them. Wherever they be for pinning on neckwear or coats and jackets.When makeup is put on, deep dark red hue are used. A biting area of focus for this are the lips. The only other colour you might see is blue or purple, as a mimicry of a loss of breathing. Heavy eye shadow, also in these shades, are very common.Because of the vampire influence, heavy eye shadow and light, almost white foundation is also common makeup choice. No matter the gender of the Vampire Goth.

2. Vamprie Goth Music

Vampire Goths have an easy time with their music choice. They will be fans of many other music genres, know all of the usual goth bands. But there are also loads of bands out there that cater towards Vampire Goths.

The biggest name is perhaps Blutengel (Blood Angel in English). A band that sings in both German and English. Almost all of their songs have vampiric undertones. And that’s not just an over interpretation of the lyrics. That is the way Blutengel want it. Musically, they are a darkwave, electronic style band with both male and female vocals. Aesthetically, they show and embody all of the tropes of Vampire Goth.



Similarly, with more darkwave and gothic metal, is Untoten (The Undead in English). Another band that sings in German and English. Once again, you will find lyrical content and thematic references to Vampires everywhere within an Untoten song.Moving away from electronic stylings, there is the band Theatres des Vampires. Their music is a lot more metal. yet, there is still all of the Vampire tropes on full display. All of their older stuff provides a metal heavy sound, with their newer songs dipping their toes into an electronic influence.Inkubus Sukkubus is also a player here. A British band, and more something that Pagan Goths and Hippie Goths would listen to. Inkubus Sukkubus have plenty of songs themed around vampires in their catalogue. Plus, rituals, of witchcraft, also helps the inner fire of many Vampire Goths.

Inkubus sukkubus goth band

Inkubus sukkubus

Other than these key bands, Vampire Goths will also listen to something with heavy sexual undertones. Be it erotic sexuality. Seductive Sexuality. Or Fetish Sexuality. Something that gets the blood racing is perfect.

3. Vampire Goth Interests

What books do Vampire Goths like? All Vampire Fiction. Except Twilight. Seriously. Never talk about Twilight in front of a true vampire goth. All goths tend to be nice people. But if you want to see a pissed off goth? Well, you now know how to do it. So don’t.Movie wise? Of course, vampires also feature heavily. The Lost Boys is a classic in the community. Sometimes people like it ironically. Sometimes they love it for what it is.

The cast from the lost boys

The lost boys cast

Because of the romantic nature of many vampire goths, you can also expect them to express themselves in the classic arts. Be this painting. Or writing love poetry. Or playing classical instruments and composing songs.There is also a love of life inherent in many Vampire Goths. As part of the vampire mythos is that death is a gift to life, there is a respect for living things. Despite the blood drinking, Vampire Goths are likely to be vegan. They are also likely to honour animals. Think ethically sourced taxidermy. Or ethically sourced bones collections put on loving display.You can also expect a Vampire Goth’s home to be completely decked out. Things that would not be out of place in a castle will surround you. Chandeliers. Long candlesticks. Expensive large mirrors. Entering a Vampire Goth’s home is a trip to wonderland.

And to end with the question that has probably been lurking around the corner. Yes. There are members of the scene that do live the blood sucking vampire goth lifestyle completely. It’s an interesting subculture. And not at all violent. Even if there is such a vampire community in your town, you are as likely to get hit by a meteor as to get attacked by one.

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14 different types of goths – which one are you?

Updated 1st May 2020. For newcomers or people unfamiliar with Goth life, you’ll be surprised to know there are different types of Goths. Too many to present here. So we have a list of 14 Goth types. Goths are commonly known for wearing dark clothing, dark hair and paleskin and to a “regular” human, a bit odd. Although this is all true, its just one part of the Goth culture. A stereotype, if you will.

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Goths on Goths

Goths hate fools. If a goth approaches you and asks what exactly your whole shtick is, you’d better be prepared with an answer. You’re wearing all black, but your penny loafers are oxblood? Your eyes are rimmed with eyeliner, but your face has a pretty rosy flush to it? Why is that 30 Seconds to Mars wrist cuff on the same person wearing acid-wash dad jeans? Get it together — are you a goth or not? Do you even know what kind of goth you are? A health goth? A Hot Topic goth? A cyber goth? Come on. Learn the Goth sub cultures and find out which Goth type you are.

14 Different types of Goths.

What kind of Goth are you? To define your own style, it is always important to find out the kind of Goth that you are. Generally, there are different types of Goths in the world. Each type has its own unique fashion subtype and aesthetic appeal. Some love dark, spooky dressing styles while others embrace modern molds with mysterious twists and some elements of eerie darkness. Some of the different types of Goths are.


Trad Goth

different types of goths, trad goth

also know as the Rivethead Goth sub culture. These are the original Goths, steering straight from the 1980s. They have big hair, fishnets, leather jackets and piercings. They also listen to (popular then) punk music.

Cyber Goth

different types of goth the cyber goth


The complete opposite to a traditional Goth. Cyber Goths wear loud neon clothing and hair colours. Usually with dreadlocks or something similar. Think borderlands but more neon. 

Romantic Goth

different types of goths, the romantic goth


one of the classic goth types, alongside The Traditional Goth. The Romantic Goth is one of those that media has taken for stereotypes. We’ve all seen a TV show featuring a goth creating poetry and love letters.

Fetish Goth.

fetish goth dani divine


Fetish Goths have a wide range of sexy bondage-related clothes available to choose from.  Tattoos, piercings and other forms of body modification are also popular among this type.  And they quite possibly all have a set of handcuffs, mask/gag and some sort of spanking implement in their bedside table.

Vampire Goth.

gothic subculture the vampire goth


These goths aim to replicate vampire-like features. Normally, vampire goths wear dark hair, dark makeup, have beautifully shaped, sometimes pointed, nails. and may have tattoos and piercings to complement the look. And, let’s not forget the teeth.

Bubble Goth

different types of goths the bubble goth sub culture


Bubble Goth is a newer type of Goth created by the Estonian pop singer, Kerli Koiv. She aims to “make the beautiful, creepy and the creepy, beautiful”, something that “takes light and dark and puts them together”

Lolita Goth

Lolita goth dress


The Lolita fashion subculture originally emerged from Japan, but it has become so much more. Lolita Goths have taken the Lolita style and given it a dark twist. It’s similar to Romantic/Victorian Goth but is for a much younger audience. It’s common to see Lolita Goths carrying beautiful and elaborate parasols, dolls and stuffed animals. Their hair is often done up and a fine petticoat doesn’t go amiss.

Industrial Goth.

Industrial goth trousers


Industrial goths love all things heavy, metallic and well…industrial. You’ll see a lot of spikes, studs, chains and buckles on their attire and jewellery. They also love all things military and can often be seen in leather, denim, vinyl and canvas. In some ways they’re similar in fashion to Cyber Goths in that they reflect a futuristic appearance, however, the Industrial Goth prefers a much more monochromatic palette.

Tribal Goth

tribal goth sub culture


Tribal Goth. … (Also properly known as Goth Bellydancers.) These Goths came about around the time bellydancing became popular in the U.S.A. They instantly found a way to cleverly throw Gothic flair onto hipskirts and jewelry and create a new aesthetic of bone and wood accessories, as would a “tribal” person.

Hippie Goth

different types of goth the hippie goth


Many of those in this subculture are pacifists, promoting peace and acceptance amongst man. Many are vegetarians or vegans, and many fight for animal rights, the environment and equality.
Some are interested in New Age or Pagan religions, which have a strong emphasis on caring for nature and often use the earth itself as a figure for worship (a Mother Earth/Mother Goddess sort of concept).

Medieval Goth.

Medieval goth

Naturally, Medieval Goths have an enormous sense of history, and may also be found in museums, castles, churches and ancient monuments. When they go to cemeteries, they actually look at the names and dates on the gravestones. When they get married, they have medieval-themed weddings and live in a house filled with pre-Raphaelite prints and gargoyles.

Fairy Goth.

Fairy goth


Fairy goths are a mix between Romantic goths and Medieval goths and they usually love fantasy. They don’t love the “usual” fantasy characters like werewolves, vampires, or witches. They love more mystical themes and ethereal creatures like fairies and spirits of the forests

Pastel Goth.

Pastel goth


Pastel Goth is Creepy, mixed with Cute things. Such as eye balls and purple bat wings. Black mixed with pink and purple. Studded collars mixed with cat ears. Basically, it’s goth mixed with pastel colors but with a hint of grunge.

Glam Goths

Glam Goths look the part, maybe even so much so, that they are the best looking aesthetically of all Goth sub subcultures. They wear all the make up, listen to the music and have the fu attitude nailed down. But underneath all this they lack the true commitment of being Goth and are recognised as posers by the Goth community.

There are many, many more different types of Goths. There’ll be a further update to this post in the future. But for now check out the store and Goth up.

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